Sword Sticks and Sword Canes

Sword sticks and sword canes from c 1880 onwards. A selection of daggers, flick sticks, sword sticks and sword canes.


Sprung Quillons

A wonderful sword cane, a silver knop with makers mark - A C & S and the collar is woven silver wire.  The blade when pulled from the shaft releases the spring loaded quillons to engage the hand guard. The blade is etched for 40% on both sides, the blade measures 25" and the overall cane 34.5" A superb example of 19th century workmanship, in excellent condition with the exception of a few minor dings on the knop.

Makhila Cane

A lovely example of the Basque Makhila cane.  The white metal knop has the entwined initials G L M. A twist of the handle and the locking mechanism releases a small 16cm long blade. The shaft ends in a pointed brass ferule, all in excellent condition.

Faux Fabergé

A delightful faux Fabergé egg tops the leather and coiled wire handle on this early 20th century sword stick. A white metal collar has flowers and foliage with the smaller collar having Cyrillic characters. The blade is a diamond shape measuring 26.5" with the overall length being 36.5"

Ivory Flick Stick

Malaca shaft with ivory knop c1850, a small brass hinged lid in the knop reveals a 3.5" spiked blade.  A white metal collar inscribed G Norris.  Cracking to ivory but in good condition otherwise in keeping with its age.

Bamboo Sword Cane

Circa 1880, bamboo shaft concealing a Toledo blade, gold coloured collar, brass ferule.  Overall length 35.5", blade length 27".

Flick Stick

Flick stick c1870, 31" malaca shaft with 53/4" blade blued to 1/2 it's length. Marked Hall Sheffield on the collar and blade, good condition overall.

European Sword Cane

European 19th century malaca cane concealing a 70% blue and gilt blade. Button operated release mechanism.  Overall length 36" blade length 13.5".  Good condition.

Holly Wood Sword Cane

Victorian rustic style sheath made from Holly, c1890.  Evidence of blue still on the blade, repair to sheath at the top near the collar, long 4.5" ferule. Overall length 33" blade length 26.5"

Flick Stick

Eastern European flick stick, a bamboo shaft with silver balls on the knop, twist the top to spring the blade after removing small screwed stopper.  Slight cracks to handle and just above the ferule.  Overall length 35.5" blade length 6.5"

Dagger Cane

Dagger cane c1830, brass and metal collars and ferule, the lower part of the shaft pulls off to expose the 5.5" triangular blade. Good condition for the age, overall length 34.5" 
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